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Installation and Warranty

houseThe technique that we use for installing vinyl siding is far more superior, precise, and unique to that of other siding contractors, our goal is excellence.

The standard labor warranty in the industry is one year from the date of installation. Our company provides a five year labor warranty, transferable once, on our siding installation. Royal Building Products provides a lifetime, non-prorated, transferable once warranty, at no additional charge, and provides a 100% material hail warranty.

The Product

Our company uses Royal Building Products vinyl siding. Royal manufactures the highest quality vinyl siding in the industry. Royal Building Products stress tests their vinyl siding at 14 degrees, when the industry standard is to test at 32 degrees.


Siding Choices

We will work with you to make your house beautiful!

Style of Siding

Horizontal Siding

horizontal siding

KEEP YOUR MAINTENANCE LOW AND YOUR PROFILE HIGH. A lot goes into our horizontal siding—including envy-inducing textures, styles and colors and industry-leading, energy-saving insulation technology. Take a tour of our Traditional, Insulated and Shake & Shingles siding below and start picturing your next great exterior. Want more options? You might also want to explore our vertical siding.

Vertical Siding

Vertical Siding

GET THE HOUSE IN THE COUNTRY LOOK YOU'VE ALWAYS WANTED. Homeowners are realizing they don't have to convert their home into a barn to achieve a rustic transformation. Whether you're going "all country" or just throwing in a charming accent, you'll find our traditional and insulated siding offers plenty of vertical options. Curious about taking your exterior in a different direction? Check out our horizontal siding.

Types of Siding

Traditional Siding

horizontal siding

WE'VE ADDED TECHNOLOGY AND SUBTRACTED BOREDOM. Whatever your taste or design preference or budget, Royal has a traditional vinyl siding to match it. Our siding products suit virtually every style of home with a range of dramatically good looks, expressive palettes and wide-ranging styles. Just as importantly, they cover you with the latest siding and color protection technology and the industry-leading warranty protection to match. Your next siding might reside a bit lower on this page. How exciting is that?

Aluminum Siding

Aluminum Siding

EVERY SIDE IS THE RIGHT SIDE. The Royal AlumiPro® siding collection will add durability and must-see-ability to your home, season after season. Put together your home exterior and build up curb appeal big time with a wide range of siding, soffits, trim and accessories.

Insulated Siding

Insulated Siding

PROTECT YOURSELF FROM INFERIOR SIDING. Do you find industry-leading thermal energy efficiency, superhuman impact resistance and seamless lamination bonds as attractive as authentic wood-grain patterns and bold color choices? Then you like the kind of home exterior beauty that goes more than skin deep. Which is the best kind.

Siding Accessories

REMODELING? BUILDING? COUNT ON OUR MOUNTS. Our electrical and standard mounts are the perfect size for light fixtures, faucets, electrical meters, house numbers and a variety of other exterior elements that need a stage to shine on. These are what mounts were meant to be: durable, weatherproof, fade resistant, UV protected and easy on the eyes.

WE MAKE PRACTICALITY AND ENERGY EFFICIENCY A BEAUTIFUL THING. Our gable and utility vents make sure you know which way the wind blows. They're durable, water resistant and maintenance free so fading, peeling or chipping is not an option. Plus our vents are cost-efficient to install and come in tons of styles and colors, so they're a perfect match for any "finishing touch" project. Thinking about vents is more fun than you thought, yes? See below for more fun.

Window TrimWindow Trim
DON'T LEAVE YOUR HOME UNDRESSED. If you're going to have a home exterior that's a neighborhood standout, you're not going to stop at just siding, are you? Of course not. Our pre-finished window trim—including lineals, casings and crown mouldings—does a perfect job framing and showcasing without rotting or letting drafts and moisture spoil the curb appeal party.

Corner TrimCorner Trim
CORNER-OF-YOUR-HOME CURB APPEAL TAKES CENTER STAGE. Perfectly proportioned for both Royal traditional and insulated siding—with the same great maintenance-free traits—our corner trim both complements and draws compliments to your entire home exterior. They're ready to install as soon as you're ready to make your home look amazing, plus they come in the same thermally efficient insulated profiles as our siding.

LOOK BEHIND OUR SHUTTERS. (IT'S OKAY, THERE'S GOOD INFORMATION THERE.) Royal Exterior Shutters look great, wear long and do an uncanny impersonation of wood. What they don't impersonate is falling apart in the face of persistent sun, weather, years and family life. So yes, they look pretty but do so much more than that—from versatile home style matching to UV protecting to easy installing.

OUR CROWNING TOUCH TAKES A BOW. Talk about giving your home the royal treatment. Okay, we'll talk about it. Our soffits protect the hard-to-paint areas of your roof rafters by showing mold and mildew the door. They increase ventilation to your attic, which comes in handy if you do more than store old clothes up there. And there's no denying their lofty design power: Our soffits help tie together the whole look of your home exterior. Don't overlook any of our soffit varieties.

Colors of Siding

siding colors

Row A

  1. Vintage Cream
  2. Beige
  3. Blue Gray
  4. Charcoal Gray
  5. Cypress
  6. Cocoa
  7. Driftwood
  8. Flagstone
  9. Granite
  10. Harvard Slate
  11. Heather
  12. Heritage Blue
  13. Iron Stone
  14. Linen

Row B

  1. Midnight Surf
  2. Natural Cedar
  3. Pebble Clay
  4. Redwood
  5. Sand
  6. Shamrock
  7. Soft Maple
  8. Sterling
  9. Victorian Gray
  10. Walnut
  11. Wedgewood
  12. White
  13. Wicker
  14. Clay

Row C

  1. Highland Cedar
  2. Meadow Green
  3. Antique Brown
  4. Black
  5. Cactus
  6. Chocolate
  7. Cobblestone
  8. Commercial Brown
  9. Gray
  10. Ivory
  11. Moss
  12. Timber
  13. Universal Brown
  14. Black Walnut

Row D

  1. Gray Moss - HS
  2. New England Pine
  3. Weathered Gray
  4. Yellow Birch
  5. Antique White
  6. Weathered Red Cedar
  7. Seacoast Gray
  8. Pacific Redwood - HS
  9. Sandalwood - HS
  10. Sandalwood - CS
  11. Gray Moss - CS
  12. Pacific Redwood - CS
  13. Olivewood



To keep the promise of our business here are real customer' sayings about us.

Thanks Pat, Your company could not have been more professional. Your son Adam was especially helpful, when he walked around the house with me to inspect all the work that had been done. I believe your business will be in good hands when Adam takes over some day. Dr.Paul R. - Davenport, Iowa

We cleaned our gutters last week-end and ran the hose on the roof. Everything drained so well. I liked the 3 suggested changes you made to our downspout locations. Thanks for your work! Carol L. - Bettendorf, Iowa

Outstanding fix! You and your men are truly craftsmen!! Jim C. - Rock Island, Illinois