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Gutters and Downspouts

guttersAre your gutters not draining properly? Do they leak every time it rains? Are they pulling loose and ready to come crashing down?   

Do you wish you had a gutter system that was effective, aesthetically pleasing and professionally installed?

Call Pat West Gutter Co., Inc. We use the thickest gauge gutter and downspout material available in the industry, Our installation technique is far more superior,precise,and unique to that of all other contractors. Our Goal Is EXCELLENCE.

What you get with Pat West Gutter Co.,Inc.

Top of the Line Gutter & Downspout
5" and 6" .032 gauge seamless aluminum gutter
3" and 4" .024 gauge aluminum downspouts
Leaf Relief Gutter Protection
Colors available
Residential and commercial replacement

Gutter Repairs 
Pitch Corrections
Loose Gutters
Loose Downspout

Replacement Parts
Seamless Gutter
Hidden Hangers
Individual Corners 
Downspout saddles
Downspout Elbows

Installation & Warranty

warrantyWhen installing our gutter system on your home, we take special care, to insure our gutters are pitched properly and water flows to the downspout. Our installation method is very precise. Every gutter system we install, drains properly. To make sure our gutter system stays fasten, We locate the rafter tails, and install our hidden hangers with weather head screws, directly into the sollid rafter tail. The result is a very sturdy, longer lasting gutter system. All of our downspouts, and mitered corners, are fastened together with color matched painted aluminum pop rivets. They do not rust and restrict debris like sheet metal screws. Pop rivets give a very clean and professional appearance.  

The standard labor warranty in the industry is one year from the date of installation. Our company provides a five year labor warranty, transferable once, on the installation of our gutter system. We warranty that our gutter system drains, does not leak, and remains fastened securely to the building, under normal conditions and proper cleaning maintenance.

Gutter Cleaning

gutter cleaningGutters are designed to catch the flow of water coming from your roof, downspouts are designed to disburse the water away from your basement foundation. This makes it very important to keep your Gutters and Downspouts clean and free of debris.

The need for Gutter Repairs are typically caused by poorly installed gutter systems, weather related issues, and poor cleaning maintenance.

We recommend two cleanings a year. Spring and fall cleanings remove debris that has accumulated and insures the gutter system is in good working condition at all times.

Preventative measures such as this, prolongs the life of your gutter system, keeps water away from your basement foundation and makes sure you are ready for every season of the year.



To keep the promise of our business here are real customer' sayings about us.

Thanks Pat, Your company could not have been more professional. Your son Adam was especially helpful, when he walked around the house with me to inspect all the work that had been done. I believe your business will be in good hands when Adam takes over some day. Dr.Paul R. - Davenport, Iowa

We cleaned our gutters last week-end and ran the hose on the roof. Everything drained so well. I liked the 3 suggested changes you made to our downspout locations. Thanks for your work! Carol L. - Bettendorf, Iowa

Outstanding fix! You and your men are truly craftsmen!! Jim C. - Rock Island, Illinois